sunnuntai 15. marraskuuta 2015

Finally one other message

Dear all, at the moment I am in Finland, my 8th day already. And 3 more to go. The steeringboard of BP met last week and I stayed longer in order to offer a workshop on Prove2Move and to visit some more workplacements.

I am inviting you all, especially BP participants, to help us keep this blog as updated as possible.
Add a photo and tell something about it in less than ten phrases.

Challenging you: who's next?

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  1. English For Nurses
    1 februari om 23:56 ·
    EfN's Silke has been teaching in Ireland again! On the 30th she taught a course for Healthcare Professionals at the CIELS Carlow International English Learning School.
    Silke reported that although it was a small group of only 7 people ...what a powerhouse they were! Lovely people, great team work and they all had a lot of fun wink-emoticon. Here is a pic of the happy graduates with their certificates! Well done!
    foto van English For Nurses.

    fb English for Nurses