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Time in Ireland has gone really fast and it is difficult to believe that we really've been here 10 weeks !? I'm really grateful that I got the opportunity to go to Ireland. It is learned, seen and experienced a lot. Living in 10 different human being has been a lot of fun, interesting, instructive and sometimes challenging. Before the trip I stretching a lot, how do I cope language skills, because I have not used my English language skills so long time.. Initially, it was difficult to understand and to get themselves understood, but every week my language skills improved and now speaking is much smoother.

My work placement

I was in Tullow`s Cheshire home. (a small town near our hometown  Carlow)

Cheshire Ireland provides a range of support services to people with both physical and neurological conditions in their homes, in residential centres and in supported accommodation.  Provide services to people often with very complex and high support needs.
Cheshire Ireland provide services to 281 people in 21 centres in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Wicklow, Limerick, Donegal, Kerry,Carlow, Waterford, Sligo and Mayo.
 Aim is to provide quality, person-centred services, which facilitate people with disabilities to live a life of their own choosing.

Cheshire Ireland has been established in Ireland for nearly 50 years ago

Work experience has gone well and i am so happy that i got to work in Cheshire home. I have learned / saw a lot of Irish nursing and it`s been interesting.When I started, I had difficulty in understanding, for example tasks that I got. But when my English skills have improved and knew day`s schedule so it`s was so much easier to work.

What is the difference of studying nursing in Finland and in Ireland? 
In Finland we valued the student's independence and work adhesion.  In Ireland, I was just a little assist the cleaning situations, and to change the client to bed clothes. My job was to more watch
how nursing care are made . And always had to ask permission "can I do this."

visited teacher Sean's home in St.patrick`s day

Lovely starters!! 

Parade in St.patricks day

Teachers visited :)

We went to a sheep farm


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