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  1. Hello!
    We are the next group, of students, that will fly to Ireland January 20th. We are with two girls and one boy from the Netherlands. Our names are Laurie, David and Dorienke. We are very excited to start this journey. We have met each other a couple times now for preparations. Before Blended Programme we have never met each other. We come from different schools and different educations. Laurie studies Social Care, David is studying to become a nurse and Dorienke is studying to become an executive secretary. We are really looking forward to go to Ireland and the meet the other students and the Irish people. We already have been making plans for things to do in Ireland.


    English For Nurses
    1 februari om 23:56 ·
    EfN's Silke has been teaching in Ireland again! On the 30th she taught a course for Healthcare Professionals at the CIELS Carlow International English Learning School.
    Silke reported that although it was a small group of only 7 people ...what a powerhouse they were! Lovely people, great team work and they all had a lot of fun wink-emoticon. Here is a pic of the happy graduates with their certificates! Well done!